About Us

The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada (FCFC) is to build, maintain, and strengthen faith in God through presenting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Our vision is to train and equip Christians, through local chapters, to share the gospel in the marketplace with people in Canada from sea to sea.

FCFC is an affiliate of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International, headquartered in Lexington, Illinois.

We are a non-denominational organization, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with local churches in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. See our Statement of Faith.

Our emphasis is on Marketplace Evangelism, beginning in the year 2000 when a representative from the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International came to the IPM at Elora, ON. From that one show, the Fellowship has grown to make its presence known at hundreds of events across Canada. Since the year 2000, FCFC members have presented the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people at farm trade shows, fairs, and festivals. We offer a free gift and take a few minutes to share God’s word with the five colors that simply illustrate the story of salvation. It’s a face to face ministry, a personal interaction with people.

Thousands of people across Canada are involved through local chapters. Some prepare materials for a show: string beads, make walking sticks, mini-hockey sticks, and other items. Many pray and give financially. Others staff the FCF booth or tent at a show sharing the gospel message in the marketplace with “whosoever”.

Prayer and Praise Focus: A monthly newsletter is distributed to our prayer partners expressing the prayer needs of FCFC activities and members.

Foreign Missions: FCF International organizes short-term lay mission trips involving construction work, irrigation, well-drilling, and the distribution of seeds and gospel tracts. FCFC members can participate with their American brothers. For information, check www.fcfi.org.

Rapid Action: When disaster strikes, FCFC chapters can organize help and may coordinate salvage and repair.

Check out the Chapters and Leaders page on this website for an FCFC chapter near you. If there isn’t one, is God calling you to start a local chapter and share the good news of Jesus Christ in your community? You don’t have to be a farmer; we are all called to sow the Good Seed in God’s Kingdom.

For more information, contact our office at fcfc@bell.net or a director near you.